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Fog Coating | What Is It?

Calgary Exteriors | Fog coat is a product developed by stucco manufactures to be used for many different reasons some of which include:

· Stucco repair color correction
· Stucco discoloration
· Stucco color correction
· Stucco revitalization
· Stucco color change
· Parging color correction 
· Parging color revitalization

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Calgary Exteriors | What ever the case may be that you have chosen to research fog coating we have experience, knowledge and understanding of the product for your stucco homes needs. What is fog coat and how is it different than paint? What is the difference between fog coating stucco walls and painting them? This is a good question because they are both options but have very different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and other things that you need to know before making a final decision.

Calgary Exteriors |  Fog coat is a form of liquid stucco that is sprayed over the stucco portions of your home or business to revitalize, change the color, or hide improper color matches in stucco. It is a very durable product as it bonds to the stucco and will not peal, or flake off the stucco. If stucco is broken the original color will come thru much like a paint. Stucco is an environmentally friendly product as the ingredients are lime, cement, and pigments, all of which come from the earth, unlike paint it can be cleaned up with water without damaging the environment and is natural. Fog coat is also as breathable as your stucco.

If the wrong paint is coated over stucco it can seal the stucco stopping stucco from breathing and trapping water in. this can cause degradation of the stucco with freezing temperatures if water is behind the paint. 

Thicker paints can also cause hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic pressure is when water migrates from behind the stucco wall, particularly in painted stucco, parings or retaining walls. It can lead to efflorescence and eventually blistering. This can cause water pressure to push into the house following staple holes, rips in the envelope or other weaknesses.

Paints have come along way and using the best breathable paints can help but fog coating with breath at a much, much higher rate than any paint we have seen and allow water to drain and evaporate.

Fog coat can be applied in any color that conventual stucco is manufactured in.

Fog coat is mixed on site to the desired color. And applied by spraying the surface.

A properly installed fog coat will last a very long time mainly due to the fact that it actually becomes a part of the stucco surface as opposed to a layer on top of the surface. This allows it to last much longer and is often times many decades.

Calgary Exteriors | Here are a few differences between paint and fog coat

Fog Coat:

Is basically made out of three ingredients: White Cement, lime and stucco dye.

What It Can Be Applied Over: 

The fog coat can only be applied over traditional stucco finish, brick, concrete blocks. It is not meant to cover metals, wood, plastics or painted surfaces.





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